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At xCIV decentralized research institute, we understand that the best research comes from the people who are passionate about it.

That’s why we will use a decentralized voting process to determine which research projects we will pursue.

This process allows researchers to present their ideas to the community, who can then vote on which projects they think should be realized.

This allows for a more equal, democratic approach to research, and it ensures that the research projects that are chosen are ones that the community believes in.

What are the research options? 

Simply,  unlimited. 

Light Bulb


this is exactly the main meaning and purpose of the decentralised research institute xCIV, we want to give more people a chance to express themselves and succeed than the current research system allows


The world's population is growing, and with it the demand for energy. We need to research new sources of energy and find more efficient ways to distribute it so that it reaches everyone, with minimal energy lost. This is important for the sustainability of our planet and for a better future for all.


Yoga by the Sea

Health research is not only about new medicines, but mainly about preventing diseases from occurring in the first place. This is especially important on a global level, as rising awareness of common civilization diseases can have a huge impact on the health and wellbeing of all humans. By doing research into the causes and prevention of these diseases, we can help to ensure that everyone has access to the best possible health care and quality of life.




Archeology and history research are important for all humanity and our future because they provide us with an understanding of our past and a context for our present. This research helps to piece together the stories of societies, cultures and individuals, and to explain how our world has come to be as it is today. These stories and explanations can provide us with invaluable insights into the way we live and interact with our environment, and can help us to make better decisions for the future.

Reading Together


Education and research of new attitudes of education are vital for the advancement of civilization. Education is the foundation of knowledge, and research into new approaches to education allows us to build upon that knowledge and progress further. It helps us discover new ways of thinking and develop new skills, which are essential for the continued advancement of society.


Research of our planet, oceans and deep underground is important because it helps us to better understand our environment, how it is changing, and how we can protect it. Additionally, it can provide us with valuable natural resources and help us understand how our planet has evolved over time.


Night Skies


Research of the universe is important to humanity because it helps us better understand our place in the universe, the forces and laws that shape it, and our impact on it. By understanding the universe, we are better able to make informed decisions about our future.



Research of quantum computing is important for humanity because it has the potential to revolutionize computing power, offering unprecedented speeds and capabilities. Benefits include the potential for faster problem solving, the ability to process information more quickly, and the potential for improved artificial intelligence.

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