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The world is at crossroads now. 

Humanity needs to start focusing on the main worldwide problems and try to solve them together as a unity.

Solving some big problems will secure our future and the future of our children because it is the key to the sustainability of our civilization. 

 Unfortunately, research and science are still underrated and poorly funded.

A lot of well-educated or naturally smart people can´t realize their research, project, technology, or invention, because lack of money. This is a waste of huge potential.  

We are here to change this.

People are spending billions of dollars on investments, but who is investing in our future and progress?

Big investors are investing only for profit. It is reasonable. But thanks to this, ordinary people like you and me must be involved.

I believe we can change the world, we can show people how research and science are important to us.

Let's highlight humanity's biggest problems with the possible direction of solving them.


The world is facing a problem with rising energy consumption. We are a technology society addicted to energy consumption for heating, lighting, food processing, and water treatment. In simple words, electricity is needed almost everywhere.


I will skip gas, oil, and coal resources used for energy production, in my point of view we must abandon them and move forward

What can we do? We should focus for example on nuclear fusion, lightning, and better / cheaper / ecology solution for storing a significant supply of electricity in a very short time and its distribution to end users.

The key to cheap, available and sustainable energy is somewhere around us, we need to find to correct solution and use it as soon as possible.

Energy independence will trigger a speed-up of all research. 

This will be the biggest civilization progress since the steam engine invention.

We want to support ongoing research, or create a new one - but always using sustainability.   

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