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xCIV Decentralized Research Institute is a blockchain-based research and development institute that seeks to create a global network of decentralized research centers. The institute’s business model is based on the concept of a “decentralized autonomous organization” (DAO), which allows for the development of research projects without the need for centralized control or corporate ownership. The DAO is governed by a set of smart contracts and a token-based incentive system, which allows researchers to participate in projects and be rewarded with tokens for their contributions. The tokens are used to pay for research activities, and can also be used to purchase research-related goods and services. The institute also provides a platform for researchers to collaborate, network, and share research resources.

How Does It Work?  

Decentralized research institute.png



The first idea of an independent research institute is born

Aspiring Pilot
One Coin
Ring of Light Bulbs
Computer Sketch


First personal touch with cryptocurrency, amazed by its technology, investigated the possibility of real-life usage and utility.


XRP and XRPL technology first meet – a real champion in utility, usability, speed, and costs.


The idea is to cross a research institute with a decentralized XRPL voting management system.


Project preparation, website, mind map, white paper, community building, and receiving advice from the community.

Colorful Coins


10 702 942 xCIV coins minted on XRPL.

Hot Air Balloons


Airdrop of xCIV to XUMM Trustlines.


2Q 2022

The official establishment of the research institute (DONE) + 2. + 3. xCIV airdrop (DONE)

Current steps



rising of xCIV value to reach the next milestone, new partnerships, and community grow



start of first major xCIV project 

Power of Attorney


Attorney office hiring, institute director hiring



The Director will propose the scope of significant research across all possible disciplines that can be of future benefit to humanity.


Community votes on new research.

Checking Text on a Document


The Director will hire the best candidates for the first research team based on the voting results of the research discipline.

Brain Scans


Set up the labs and background for the research team.

Digital Chronometer
Image by Simone Secci

First research commences

The future depends on annual research reports to the community and votes

About xCIV token

Snímek obrazovky 2022-12-17 v 18.49.41.png

About xCIV Value

The market determines the value of xCIV

The value of the voting power determines the value of xCIV

For the first vote, need to hold at least 20 xCIVs to achieve voting power

xCIV tokens value = xCIV research & knowledge

  • xCIV was minted on 11/2021 with a total supply of 10 702 942 no more tokens will EVER be minted again

  • xCIV is the native token used as voting power for a decentralized community vote.

  • xCIV will be used for the support of approved projects by the institute.

  • xCIV will be used to support the establishment of technology/project companies.

  • The institution capital of xCIV can be sold/bought according to the institute's needs

  • All clean profit will be used for xCIV buyback for a market price as the research institute is a non-profit association

xciv value milestones.png

Vote Road 

Because it is pretty clear, we will need to vote often, and we need to solve or improve the steps below:

  • Voting must be done in the easiest possible way - my idea of how to do this is using a XUMM wallet and coding an app for voting.

  • Voting must be fast - thanks to using an XRPL and XUMM app, the voting process should take no more than 20 seconds.

  • Voting must be valid and trustworthy - XRPL will solve this. First, however, we will plan a security audit on the voting process.

  • We must avoid being spammed by absurd proposals - valid proposal offers should come from the community

vote map.png

xCIV Voting Power

xCIV vote role.png
Snímek obrazovky 2021-11-20 v 20.11.02.png
  • You will need 20 xCIV at least to have one vote for the first vote.

  • Owning more xCIV than required does not mean you will achieve more voting power. You will still only have one vote as per the other holders.

  • Holding less xCIV than is needed will give you 0 voting power - so a vote will not be possible for you.

  • Every quarter, we will lower the requirement of holding xCIV to achieve voting power, which will decrease by 10%, ending in 2045. So to achieve voting power, you only need 0.001 xCIV. It will stay at this rate forever; only a community vote can change it, and the lowest requirement is up to 0.000001 xCIV after 2045.

  • This system will benefit all holders -> every quarter, they can sell an amount of xCIV that is not required to be held to achieve voting power and allowed to take any possible profit.

  • If the majority stays holding -> the price of xCIV will increase.

  • If the majority sells a surplus of xCIV -> decentralization will increase.

Key Roles and Responsibilities 

IMG_4238 2.jpeg

David Wolák - The Institute Founder

I am not a "real" researcher, I am naturally curious, and I love science, the universe, physics, and technology. I am here to move worldwide research into new era. Era of cooperated research progress without any primary motive of making money profit to the owners with focus on major worldwide problems and I have very clear vision how to reach it thanks to XRPL and xCIV token. All doors are open now.

I am taking this project as my lifetime opportunity to put together the best of humanity and find new solutions/inventions that can help all of our progress and improve our lives. I know there are many great minds around us, but they do not have the tools to realize it. I want to make it possible. Everybody should have a chance to be listen. If the idea is extraordinary, we should research it and realize it, if possible, together as a community and humanity.


​My role in the institution should be pretty simple and clear, but it can change according to community advice.

  • Search for community co-workers - part/full-time job - we have much work to do

  • keep build and grow a great community with the same interest

  • Promoting of research

  • Prepare and set the voting method 

  • Find the institution’s attorney (substitution of this position until attorney will be found) 

  • Voting organization

  • Advice

  • Community Ombudsman

  • Voting proposals

  • Lead Institute Director tender (with professional support) - bring final adepts to a community vote

  • Accepting cooperation proposals

  • Accepting community ideas for research/invention/improvement

  • Cannot decide or change anything within the institute without a community vote approval

Law Office

Attorney office

After the institute’s establishment, an attorney will be an essential element with the execution power of the community’s will after each vote. Therefore, it should not be just one person to avoid paralyzing the institute in the case of an accident or personal ailment that may occur. Because this is a very special role, it will long term cooperation. In this case it will be also very expensive fot research institute, but it is necessary to keep decentralization guaranteed.

This role will be activated when xCIV will find it's real minimum value of 0,1 XRP​

Attorney’s role:

  • Have the power to execute the community’s will after a community vote.

  • Have only and full access to the institution’s principal capital of xCIV - use/buy/sell.

  • Have only and full access to escrow release use.

  • Have only and full access to the institution’s FIAT money. However, the institution cannot hold more than 80% of its value in FIAT. Keeping FIAT should only be temporary before it changes back to xCIV or is spent on institution costs.

  • Voting proposals to the community.

  • Hiring voted Directors.

  • Power of Attorney.

  • Release of spending budgets - based on a proposal from the Institute Director for each quarter.

  • Keep the institute solvent.

  • Patent evidence and registration.

  • Patent renting.

  • Manage technology company establishments.

Business People Mingling

Community (YOU)

The Voice of Humanity

A community is the heart of the whole project. We need to create a great community that wants to support this unique project and actively drive our institute to fulfill its purpose. xCIV needs all of you. 

xCIV needs your voting power, ideas, visions, inventions, and knowledge, because the future is about unity.

  • Voting

  • Voting proposals

  • Sharing your ideas

  • Be active with the rest of the community

  • Decide about the institution’s course (research disciplines)

  • Supervising

  • Hold and use xCIV vote power to manage the institute

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