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The actual amount in the treasury wallet is still growing

5,000 XRP

updated on 03.12.2022 11:21

Welcome to the xCIV treasure wallet recovery seeds hunt!

This will not be easy!

You will need time, knowledge, logic, patience, learning, maybe teammates, and internet access.

No need to travel.

But remember knowledge is the key!


To AVOID scams - I am not selling any HINTS. No one should do it! Don't buy HINTS from anyone!


How to start:

Send 10,000 xCIV to the address rUBwTu3chcMvHVjSp6tQorzfntp3ubZ4PW and write your mail address into the memo, or mail it to me to with info from which address you made a payment.

After this, I will send you a link to the first level. 


How to win?

Find all 12 recovery seeds to get access to the treasure wallet. What is inside is yours. The actual treasure wallet amount is at the top of this site.


The organizer is not responsible for any kind of financial harm. Please be careful, beware of scammers! 

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