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Let's become xCIV writer 🖋 and earn xCIV! 💎

EVERY blog member can earn xCIV 💎 for quality writing. So let's specify how this will works.

1/ You MUST add your xCIV XUMM address into your profile - otherwise I will not be able to send you a reward. Also all members are free to send you a TIP in xCIV if they like you, because this is visible Information to all 🌍

2/ Write a quality post ✅ Write about research, science, technology, your idea for research, create a short, write about what do you like or what you can say or what you can discuss🗣

3/ Always use a source! (If any) - article stealing is forbidden 🚫 with BAN

4/ Don't forget about good manners☺️, we can discuss freely, but without insulting other members

5/ After you will finish it, I will review your post soon👀

6/ If I will like 👍 your post I will send you a xCIV reward and you will earn "Level 1 writer" badge🏅

7/ Writers will earn higher level batches in time for number of quality posts (depends on my consideration) and xCIV reward will automatically rise with it 🆙☝️

Writer level

REWARD per quality post

No level

up to 200 xCIV + badge "lvl1 writer"

Level 1 writer

200 xCIV

Level 2 writer

400 xCIV

Level 3 writer

600 xCIV

Level 4 writer

800 xCIV

Level 5 writer

2000 xCIV

Level 6 writer

2200 xCIV

Level 7 writer

2400 xCIV

​Level 8 writer

2600 xCIV

Level 9 writer

2800 xCIV

Level 10 writer (MAX)

​3500 xCIV

8/ Quality comments will be also rewarded 1 - 1000 xCIV per comment

9/ Sharing of post to different social networks is very helpful for everyone

Let's do it! Write, read, discuss, think, learn, observe, explore, research, share info!💚

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