LAST xCIV airdrop EVER is done!

Updated: Jul 11

Today morning, random 2nd snapshot was taken and it's triggered of processing 3th and very last xCIV airdrop EVER!

We distributed 969573 xCIV ($5089 actual price) only between 307 account who held more than 1000 xCIV during time of second snapshot. So every account received exactly same portion of 3158.218241 xCIV ($16 actual price) as reward and thank you for holding, and supporting of our project.

We did a lot of work.But we're still in the beginning. We need to support each other, we need to listen, we need to teach and learn. Also we need to find bigger support in XRPL community.

Please share our project EVERYWHERE. Talk about us. We are fighting with marketing - this is our weakness and I know this. Every help is really appreciated.

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