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Bringing value to xCIV project

Hello xCIV community💚

I hope you're enjoying summer time ☀️ safely, well hydrated with your beloved.

I am still working on our great project. Want to bring bigger value into project, now investigating 👀 possible ways how to reach it.

I was really interested about tweet by -

I think this is really important to talk about real value💎, purpose/utility of minted tokens on XRPL.

Everyone should to understand that xCIV token now have only value created by speculation's on price of private investors. This is true. No need to say something else.

In this time we're under free public funding in exchange for xCIV token (with benefit of right to vote🗳) and by my personal funding depended on my 9-5 job. But this is only beginning.

Because xCIV will have a full economic circle ♻️, rise of value xCIV is required for xCIV project development, also for realization of research and to receive great results.

As I already said, xCIV token value will be covered by value of research, inventions, patents and technology.

People should love this project, because humanity progress is necessary to keep our civilization in peace ☮️ and sustainable in every aspects.

My personal wish, and I have a clear vision how to solve this problem, is focus on the lack of energy⚡️. But I will describe it later in detail.

This is my wild card for main long-term research🔬

I won't to parasitize on XRPL neither to take away money from anyone in exchange for nothing but empty promises. I did plenty steps to prove our legitimacy, and I am really happy to have your trust and support.

I am pretty sure xCIV project will succeed:

1/ it's very unique project, with real purpose and utility

2/ we're transparent, KYC, DOXX

3/ already established non-profit xCIV decentralized research institute - check our deed of foundation👇

deed of foundation xCIV
Download PDF • 68KB


Let's open discussion about xCIV project. Ask me for anything. Advice me how to effectively promote it without greedy twitter promoters, without wasting xCIV giveaways. I hope we have a marketing superhero here, because I am not 😂 Also share your idea how to change this project in better way. Every improvement is much welcomed🙏

We are here and will find a way together ♥️

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