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Anti Cryptoscammer Scanner

Updated: Jul 11, 2022


We all know that there are many new Projects roaming around offering good returns with out any assurance if they are real. The world of crypto is so big and there's no way to catch which is which.

I am proposing a Research Project that the Developer can not use all the rug pulled token. It will be freeze life time and no use at all, unless the project is bad having a down trend and will report it as a Total loss.

Rug pull is different from Loss, The big difference is when in total loss the community can decide to sell the current token they have unlike in rug pull system, the hard earned tokens are snatched.

Maybe a Website that will register personal info of the developers which can help in back tracking their profile as well as the movement of the token that they are handling, malicious transfer of token will alert the community, to help in deciding if they will continue to support the project/ developer. When declared as a RUGPULL then all their snatched will be freeze forever or if there's a way a portion of it will return to the investor.

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