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Second airdrop information

1,070,294.2 xCIV will be distributed 

Basic roadmap

1/ First snapshot - anytime during JAN/FEB

2/ Second snapshot - anytime during FEB/MAR

3/ Comparison of snapshots

4/ Calculation of airdrop and bonuses

5/ Execution of airdrop

Snímek obrazovky 2022-01-10 v 18.28.30.png

Overview above is only for EXAMPLE - this bonuses was calculated from expected number of eligible accounts. Final bonuses will be different.

2. Airdrop mindmap.png

Frequently asked questions

When snapshots will be taken?

Both dates are secret and randomly generated by random.org - no one except me knows it.

Why is 100 xCIV minimum eligible amount for receiving airdrop?

First Airdrop was done for all trustlines - but about 14 thousands accounts almost immediately sold airdrop and cancelled trustline. This time we want to avoid to this and airdrop should be only for real xCIV community who deserve it.

I am still holding 26 xCIV from first AD - why I am not eligible for airdrop?

Well, the answer is pretty simply. You received this because first AD and it make no sense to gift anybody again only because he still own previous gift. I really appreciate that you are still holding it, you are great part of xCIV community. Main benefit for you is increasing price of token. Stay strong, hold :)

What "higher then 100 xCIV" mean exactly?

From mathematic point of view you need to hold more than 99,9 xCIV to be eligible receive airdrop

Why you will do two snapshots?

Because I will easily see differences between account ballances - this information will tells me if this account is holding, selling or accumulating.

Why are snapshot dates secret?

Persons who are only looking for free airdrop money will have a serious problem with this, because they don't know when exactly they need to accumulate xCIV to be eligible for airdrop and for how long they need to hold it. Even they don't know when they are free to dump it. Serious community members are looking for long term xCIV holding - they don't care about this. So in short - to protect xCIV community

How much xCIV exactly I receive from airdrop?

This will be calculated right after second snapshot - after this I know how much wallets are eligible for aidrop and bonuses.

When I will receive airdrop?

After second snapshot I will compare both snapshots, calculate all rewards. This can take a week then aidrop will be executed after second snapshot.