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About xCIV DRI

About xCIV token 

About xCIV vote power

xCIV Decentralized Research Institute is a blockchain-based research and development institute that seeks to create a global network research centers.

The institute’s business model is based on the concept of a
“decentralized autonomous organization” (DAO), which allows for the development of research projects without the need for centralized control or corporate ownership


Project purpose and goal

Unique XRPL project with real purpose in research.

Our goal is to bring worldwide focus on research and science and push humanity forward by finding sustainable ways of advancement in all possible research disciplines.


xCIV token

The xCIV token is an election token. Purchasing it gives you the right to vote, the quantity and value of the token is determined by market demand and price.

Every institute's clear profit will be used for buying back xCIV tokens for the market price as an xCIV research institute is a non-profit organization

Reviewing Legal Agreement

Established association

We are established as xCIV decentralized research institute z.s. placed in Prague, Czech Republic

Institute will be managed by xCIV token holders with vote power and realized by an unbiased attorney's office

Deed of foundation

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